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Why I charge for consultations

For the first 5 years, I offered a free coaching consultation. Eventually I realized I was spending too much time talking to potential clients who sometimes just wanted free advice – with no intention of actually enrolling in coaching. This created a situation where even my paying clients needed to wait multiple months to book sessions!

I now require a small deposit to consult with me about potentially working together. It costs significantly less than my hourly rate. I also do my best to deliver actual coaching insights during the consultation, to give you a taste of how I work. Previously, I mostly used this meeting to determine which of my coaching packages was best for you.

The deposit is non-refundable. However if you choose to purchase any coaching package, it will be reduced from the cost of the package. This makes the consultation free.

My clients are often excited to meet me, and this is a much better way to do business! Here’s a few reasons why:

1. I want to know that you are serious about your goals.

I work with tech professionals who are open to doing whatever it takes for them to reach their goals.

If you’re just “kicking the tires” of various coaches, or trying to find a bottom-of-the-barrel deal – I’m not the right person for you to work with.

My clients are serious about getting results. They know there’s no silver bullet to get there, and results require effort on their part.

This deposit also indicates to me you know my story, my work history, have probably watched my YouTube channel, and are aware of some of my client’s success stories. It also prevents last minute cancellations and helps me know you’re ready to invest in your career. When you book a consultation, I’m holding a spot that I could be using instead to help someone else.

My time is valuable because I do this job to serve the people who put food on the table for themselves and their families. I’ve had many opportunities to milk more cash out of the software industry machine by serving as CTO, or on the advisory board of companies. But I chose to make a bigger impact on the struggles of people like you.

2. You’ll meet with Jayme Edwards specifically.

There are many companies jumping on the tech career coaching bandwagon, by creating a network of people who want to make money as a coach on the side. When these companies offer a free consultation, they often outsource this to a different person than the actual coach you’ll be working with. Sometimes it’s even just a pushy sales person.

My consultations are with me, and me alone. I’m as serious about consultations as I am about any other paid service I provide. I think it’s important to meet the actual coach you’re going to be working with before considering an investment in your career. This avoids the feeling of a “bait and switch” or buyer’s remorse.

3. You’ll get actual coaching insight at a low price.

Clients often come to me with some idea of their problem, when the real problem lies underneath. When you attend any coaching session (including a consultation), I use active listening, deep probing, neurolinguistic programming, and other techniques to get to the root of what you really need. I hope you get some powerful insights from the consultation. You’ll realize how much easier it is to move forward when you’re not alone.

If you’ve already applied for coaching, I hope this helps you understand why I require a deposit, and what to expect.

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