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Tech Career & Life Coaching Package

DevRecovery is a coaching package from Thriving Technologist that helps you stop burning out by:

What’s it like to have DevRecovery?

Below is a diagram that summarizes the process:

BONUS: Access the Thriving Technologist Community

When you enroll in coaching, you’ll also get access to the Thriving Technologist Discord Community!

This is a private space dedicated to folks like us – passionate about making software development a healthier, more fulfilling pursuit.

It’s my way of saying a huge thank you for your trust and engagement in your own growth journey.

Inside, you’ll find a bunch of like-minded developers, announcements about content and resources to boost your career, and Discord channels for discussing the 4 focuses of my content today:

  • Career Progression
  • Working Healthy
  • Finding Purpose in Work
  • Escaping The Corporate Grind

These channels are also be available to subscribers of my Patreon who pay monthly to support my YouTube channel.

I’m hanging out there too, ready to chat, share, and grow together.

But as a coaching client, you’ll get lifetime access. You’ll also have access to exclusive text and voice channels only for my past (and present) clients. Here you can get to know other clients of mine who are equally passionate about having a healthy career in tech.

You’ll receive an email after your purchase inviting you to the server.

The Thriving Technologist discord server is a place to hang out, get answers to questions about your tech career, and share your wisdom with other people.


Coaching gets more complicated if your job has more responsibility, or you’ve had a long career.

I’ll evaluate your career stage during the consultation, and coaching is priced accordingly.

DevRecovery includes 8 1-on-1 coaching sessions to facilitate your results.

You’ll schedule sessions as you complete each step in the process shown in the diagram earlier.



$ 2399

  • Developer / Engineer
  • Senior Developer / Senior Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Operations Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • QA Engineer



$ 2999

  • Lead Developer / Engineer
  • Principal Developer / Engineer
  • Application / Enterprise / DevOps Architect
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Development / QA / Engineering Manager
  • Director of Development / Engineering / QA
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What are clients saying?

Here’s what a few clients looking for help with finding healthier work/life balance to avoid burnout said:

Matt Shelley
Senior Software Engineer

“I came to Jayme ten years into my career after feeling burned out, needing to take a long break away from the industry. I had seen his videos on developer burnout for the past few years, and felt like he really understood the troubles with burnout as a programmer. I was happy to see he offered career coaching, too.

Jayme helped me realize that I had taken on too much responsibility, sacrificed too much of my life outside of work, and grown addicted to learning – all because I was trying to climb higher and higher. He encouraged me to consider all sorts of roles, including Engineering Manager, Staff Engineer, and even stepping back to Senior Software Engineer.

Ultimately, Jayme helped me realize that I was much happier as a Senior Software Engineer where I had the right amount of responsibility, with a good income and healthy work / life balance. Our conversations saved me a lot of struggle working in a role that didn’t fit me.

I would highly recommend Jayme’s career coaching. It’s very rare to find someone who has gone through burnout, and has many, many years of developer experience. He really understands the challenges of developers who have been in the industry for quite a while. I am very happy with how much Jayme has helped me.”

“Let me put it simply: Jayme is the man. The information and guidance he shares, based on his extensive and diversified experience in the world of software, is TRULY NEEDED, and yet very rarely discussed.

Through his work, both in the form of recorded content and custom sessions, he shines a very important light on how to have a healthy career, healthy work life balance, healthy mindset, and how to be a true professional in the world of software development.

In our one-on-one coaching sessions, Jayme shared a lot of value in helping me find my personal areas of strength and encouraging me to lean into them, letting those strengths be a distinguishing factor in my craft as a software professional. That’s been a huge help

I’m so glad I stumbled upon Jayme’s content when searching “programmer burnout” one day on YouTube, because I’ve been appreciating Jayme as a trusted resource and mentor ever since!

Brian Fitzgerald
Associate VP of Technology

Joe Sak
Senior Developer

“I hired Jayme last year to help me improve as a leading member of my team, and I have to say the results have been phenomenal! Since working with him as my career coach, I’ve demonstrated higher level skills, and became a role model for my team – even my CTO!

I’ve also gotten better at conflict resolution and persuasion, learning how to choose my battles and show up better prepared for high stakes conversations. I’ve learned more about how to advocate for myself with management, and to push my team in a healthy way for higher standards. At every performance review, management considers my contributions to be invaluable.

I’ve also improved my work-life balance. I used to throw myself into the work more than my employer even required of me. But this led to burnout and resentment. Jayme pushed me to put my creative energy into my free time more, and to take regular personal time off. I’ve seen growth in my personal pursuits, such as learning to play guitar.

If you’re on the fence, jump over and hire Jayme today, you will not regret it!”