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Get personalized data to guide your tech career moves.

Access the live demo for Devpathfinder, a professional assessment that sharpens your self-awareness to help you make better informed decisions about your tech career.

  • Determine your fit for all 25 job roles on TechRolepedia
  • Know whether you’re ready for leadership, management, consulting, or entrepreneurship
  • Identify areas for improvement before pursuing new opportunities
  • Get a clear view of your career blind spots and understand what motivates you to work

DevPathfinder evaluates you across 28 aspects of your tech career. It can prevent you from going down the wrong career path based on gut feel, pressure from your boss, or comparing yourself to others.

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As a developer, I care about digital privacy and will never resell your data to third parties. See my privacy policy to understand how I protect your personal information.

Software Development Career Coach Jayme Edwards

After completing the DevPathfinder evaluation, you can view your results as a story (shown above), or as a detailed document.