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Programmer Flow State: “In The Zone” Coding

Programmer Flow State In The Zone

Once you've solved programming problems easier when "in the zone" or "flow state" - it can be hard to work any other way!

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Have you solved programming problems easier when “in the zone” or “flow state”?

If you’ve experienced this, once achieved it’s hard to work any other way.

In this episode, I want to share some strategies you can use to avoid getting interrupted.

These will also help you get into the flow state more often so you can enjoy productive and creative sessions of work regularly.

If you follow the tips in this episode, you can help others understand why getting into a flow state is more important than letting others interrupt you at will while programming.

It will take setting expectations and creating healthy boundaries for yourself, but can result in breakthroughs in efficiency and your enjoyment of software development.

Avoiding interruptions can make one of the biggest differences to your satisfaction over your tech career, whether you’re a software developer or a consultant.


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Jayme Edwards

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