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Know When To STOP Learning And Just Write The Code!

Stop Learning Write Code

Software development draws us in with endless opportunities, but are they right for every project? There's a time to stop learning and write code!

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Is there a time to just stop learning and write code?

Software development draws many of us in with endless opportunities to learn, but is it right for every project?

Early in my career I wanted to know everything possible about the software companies I worked for.

But a couple of years in software consulting taught me I could actually be a better developer by learning to ignore information sometimes.

In this episode, I share a story of a project I was on where the relationship was in trouble between my agency and a client.

Fixing the relationship was the most important thing to do – but it could only be done by solving their problems quickly.

The relationship was repaired quickly – but only through ignoring learning some things about the software!

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Jayme Edwards

A family man and veteran of nearly 40 software projects, Jayme experienced many wins and losses over his career as an architect and consultant.

Now he's coaching software developers, managers, and business owners to overcome challenges in the IT industry - so they keep growing.