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7 Common Agile Development FAILS

Agile Development Fails

In working with over 30 companies, I've seen 7 common agile software development fails that have little to do with whether you're using scrum or kanban.

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In working with over 30 companies, I’ve seen 7 common big FAILS in agile software development processes!

These are so common, but so easily avoided, and they have little to do with whether you’re doing kanban or scrum.

In my experience, agile issues are rarely because of a single step in the software development process, but rather because of not considering the implications on the team.

  1. Using high friction tools
  2. Designing for conformity
  3. Not stopping what doesn’t work!
  4. Focusing on data over teamwork
  5. Measuring output over outcomes
  6. Not holding retrospectives
  7. Not releasing completed work


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